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Customer Newsletter for 10/30/2014

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Free Product of the Week


Free weekly productContagion 2nd Edition Setting Sample
by Aegis Studios

SYSTEM: d20 System

The world of Contagion is a dark and terrifying place. On the surface it is no different than the world you and I live in. Most people go on about their lives never realizing the terrors that walk among them.

Despite humanity’s vast ignorance, though, the horrors are there. Angels and demons, gods and Hellspawn make war in the shadows. Clergy and Slayers rise from the human flock to protect their brethren and work God's will. Magi and Witches wield powerful magics in their pursuit of enlightenment.

There's a war in the shadows. Choose a side.

Contagion Second Edition is a roleplaying game of modern horror and urban fantasy that utilizes a modified version of the 3.5 OGL.

This FREE .pdf contains the setting chapter from the Contagion Second Edition corebook, giving a basic overview of the world of Contagion for players and Gamemasters.

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Notes from Scott's Desk


For all correspondence, feel free to contact me, Scott Holden, at scott@onebookshelf.com.

Hello friends!

It might have crept up on you (like spooky things tend to do), but rest assured Halloween is here. And if you like to dress up your holiday games as much as you like dressing yourself up, then we've got just the thing: Our 2014 Halloween Sale is now in full swing, but only until 10:00am EST, Saturday, November 1. There are leterally hundreds of creepy and macabre items on sale, all for 33% off!

Better yet, we also have a bunch of freebies for you, special treats from some of your favorite publishers including Eden Studios, White Wolf, and Wizards of the Coast.

And that's not all. In addition to hundreds of RPG titles on sale, we also have Halloween savings (and more FREE STUFF) over at our other DriveThru sister sites.

Just click the links below to survey the sweets! 

dtcards halloween logo

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~ SJH (10-30-2014)

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Pick of the Week


Pick of the WeekThere Was A Dark, Dark House
by FR Press

SYSTEM: FirstFable

Your children will love playing an active part in this spooky tale!

"There Was A Dark, Dark House" is a new, made-for-Halloween adventure for the FirstFable RPG.This tale is inspired by ghost stories told around a campfire. It can be as scary or funny as you want.

The FREE FirstFable core book is needed to run "There Was A Dark, Dark House."

FirstFable is a simple, elegant game designed to help adult gamers introduce young players to the joys of roleplaying. Appropriate for players as young as 6 years old, FirstFable was designed by professionals in both game design and education.

A portion of the proceeds of every sale of "There Was A Dark, Dark House" will automatically be donated to the RPG Creators Relief Fund.

About the RPG Creators Relief Fund

The Roleplaying Game Creators Relief Fund (RCRF) is a charitable organization founded to provide financial assistance to tabletop roleplaying game creators suffering hardship due to medical emergencies, natural disasters, and other catastrophic situations.


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Other Featured Titles


Featured TitleRequiem: The Grim Harvest [Ravenloft]
by Wizards of the Coast

SYSTEM: AD&D 2nd Edition

"At midnight everyone will die..."

Azalin the lich lord is launching another diabolic plan. He has allied himself with the entity known as Death, and together they plan to raze the domain of Darkon. From the ashes of this once-mighty land will rise a new domain—Necropolis, the land of the dead!

Heroes have always considered the undead to be mere monsters, a mindless evil to be slain with no second thought. Now the heroes will learn the agony of actually being among the living dead themsevles: They become the monsters, and the entire world becomes their enemy.


This boxed set contains everything necessary to take your characters beyond death's veil and into the shadowy world of unlife:

Requiem: 96 pages of rules for the generation and play of undead player characters as well as tips for Dungeon Masters. This book details 12 different types of creatures that characters can become after death, as well as dozens of powers and weaknesses they may possess.

Necropolis: 32 pages covering the new domain of Necropolis. Although little has changed physically in the former domain of Darkon, the people, animals, plants, and even the land itself have been infused with the power of the new demilord, Death.

Death Triumphant: A 64-page adventure that puts the heroes in the middle of Lord Azalin's ultimate scheme to escape from Ravenloft. "Death Triumphant" can be played as a stand-alone adventure or as the final chapter in the Grim Harvest series.

Poster Map: One two-sided, full-color map detailing the headquarters of Azalin's secret police and the new domain of Necropolis.

For three to six characters of levels 6-10.


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Featured TitleThe Idigam Chronicle Anthology [Fiction]
by Onyx Path Publishing

SYSTEM: Storyteller / Storytelling

On the hunt, your blood races. When something hunts you, it runs cold. Your blood carries the future of Uratha and the burning fire of kuruth. It’s powerful, but ultimately transient.

You know things in your bones. They change with your forms but stay strong. The power of your teeth and claws comes from your bone. It runs deeper than blood, a slow power that doesn’t fade.

So you hunt. It’s what you do, a key part of your psyche. You hunt people and spirits, hosts and other werewolves. But those things hunt you in turn. Werewolves are always one bad choice away from being the prey.

The Idigam Chronicle Anthology contains 11 short stories (7 original to this collection) of bestial violence and supernatural terror, in celebration of the second edition of Werewolf: The Forsaken.

Featuring stories by Chris Allen, Aaron Dembski-Bowden, Jim Fisher, Matthew McFarland, John Newman, Claire Redfield, Peter Schafer, Chris Shaffer, Leath Sheales, and Amy Verees.


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Featured TitleCastles & Crusades: Night of the Spirits
by Troll Lord Games

SYSTEM: Castles & Crusades

At the end of each year comes the holiday of Samonios, Samhain, or Nos Galan Gaeaf—also known as All Hallows Eve. This is the time when the worlds are drawn together, when monsters, gods, and spirits wander between them. It is a dangerous and dark time, a time to honor the Dead.

Most nobles and lords scoff at these superstitious words and ridicule them, but the common folk know that there is truth in those portents and omens. Families stay close, holding their festivities in honor of their ancestors and the gods, but stay wary of the dangers that might find their way into their darkened homes and lives. But for the young or the unwary....

Little Addolgar ap Maelon Gof has wandered into the thick foliage of the Coed Celyddon, lured by the playful, many-colored lights that he saw dancing there. Now the dark-haired child is deep in the mist-shrouded forest, soaked in Otherworld energies. He climbs over fallen trees and makes his way in bramble patches trying to get closer to the mysterious lights in the boughs of the trees.

Night of Spirits plunges you into the heart of Nos Galan Gaeaf, bringing your characters face to face with the Otherworld and the true horrors of the holiday!

An adventure for 3-5 characters of 4th-6th level.

$7.99 $0.99

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Also of Note

The Genius Guide to Gruesome Dragons
by Rogue Genius Games

gruesome dragonsGruesome is Good

Dragons are incredibly dangerous threats, but their very popularity robs them of suspense. They fly, they have breath weapons, and you don’t want to get caught next to one when it full attacks.

The idea behind gruesome dragons is to make them more interesting for players and GMs. Rather than face yet another color-coded dragon encounter, the players find themselves facing a plague dragon capable of ending civilizations, or skittering draconic ambush predators obsessed with building the perfect adventurer trap. Gruesome dragons have uncanny appearances, smells, and sounds that makes them more frightening to even veteran characters.



Kaiju Kaos: The Miniatures Game
by Bailey Records

kaiju kaosNow available in print!

The world as we knew it ceased to exist in 2003, when the Rift, a mysterious tear in the space-time continuum, opened up and Hell itself spewed forth onto planet Earth. Terrible, enormous, 50-foot-tall monsters with feet the size of automobiles emerged from the oceans, crawled out from crevices, or arrived from outer space for reasons unknown.

Kaiju Kaos is a 28mm (1:56) scale tabletop miniatures game where two or more players pit their hand-painted metal and resin armies against one another; it is a strategic skirmish game, requiring cunning and adaptability because at any time an opponent can drastically alter the current situation with an unexpected action or a lucky roll of the dice.

This revised and expanded rule book is now available in full-color print-on-demand (and in PDF). The book includes all the information of the original, plus new rules from "Clash of Colossals" and "Zombies," as well as new concepts developed over the past 3 years, plus a new layout and new images throughout.

$4.99 (PDF)

$9.99 $8.99 (Print)


Judge Dredd: Year One [Comic]
by Rebellion Publishing Ltd

dredd yr oneJudge Dredd fiction... available now in eBook formats!

Mega-City One, 2080. Judge Joe Dredd’s first year on the streets as a full-eagle Judge. Bred for justice, trained in law, this Dredd’s no helpless rookie, but he’s not the seasoned veteran we know either. Three tales follow the first adventures of the future city’s greatest lawman. With an introduction by the Mighty Tharg!

CITY FATHERS. The brutal murder of a Justice Department-sanctioned spy uncovers something new and dangerous in the sector’s murky black market. Unless Dredd can stop it, chaos will be unleashed.

COLD LIGHT OF DAY. A savage killing spree results in the deaths of two highly-regarded Judges, and many consider Dredd to be responsible: a decision he made five years earlier – while he was still a cadet – has come back to haunt him.

WEAR IRON. “Wear iron, that’s the rule.” Paul Strader is a stick-up man, and a stone cold professional. But when he gets in over his head, he has to risk everything on the word of a corrupt lawman and break every rule he has. Every rule but one.

$9.99 $5.99


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