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Customer Newsletter for 10/16/2014

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Free Product of the Week


Free weekly productAwaken: Quickstart Guide
by The Games Collective

SYSTEM: Unique system

In a world haunted by underground terrors and raging Colossi, people are in awe of the Chosen Ones who walk among them.

These chosen few, the Vasalli, are blessed with powerful Gifts, wielding powers mere mortals can only dream about. But with all their mystical talents, they are still human at heart—and humans are fickle and volatile. While some choose to uphold the balance, others seek to disrupt it, using their powers for their own goals.

The end result is chaos.

Come to Liboria, city of a thousand islands and one colossal shadow towering over them. Discover what lies underground, stop the threat, and decide on the future of the city!

  • an adventure set in one of the Great Cities of the continent
  • abbreviated rules for the game
  • four pre-generated player characters, to jump into the action

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Notes from Matt's Desk


For all correspondence, feel free to contact me, Matt McElroy, at matt@onebookshelf.com.

Greetings Gamers,

Scott is on the road so I'm helping out with this week's Newsletter, usually you can find my rambling each week over in the DriveThruComics Newsletter...if you were so inclined.

Shadow FeyOne of the DriveThru Crew's favorite holidays, Halloween, is almost here and we couldn't wait to start celebrating so we have an awesome Pre-Halloween Pathfinder Sale featuring hundreds of Horror and Dark Fantasy Pathfinder compatible titles marked down 20% including PDFs from Kobold Press, Rite Publishing, Fat Goblin Games, Frog God Games, and many more!

In other Pre-Halloween Sale news...

Triple Ace Games has marked down dozens of PDFs including Hellfrost and other Savage Worlds titles by 25% as they celebrate the holiday!

The Bluewater Horror Pack features creepy crawly tales including Vincent Price Presents, Blackstone Chronicles, Warlock, and more!

Valiant RPGWant less monsters and more super heroes for your costume ideas? You are in luck! Check out these two Bundle deals:

Now, read on for new releases from Cubicle 7 Entertainment, Dreamscarred Press, DramaScape, and more! Plus classic Dungeons & Dragons from Wizards of the Coast!

~ MMM (10-16-2014)

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Pick of the Week


Pick of the WeekVictoriana - The Concert in Flames
by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

SYSTEM: Other systems

The Concert in Flames is the complete guide to Europe for the Victoriana setting, an alternate history of steam and magic. From the Rock of Gibraltar to the steppes of Russia, from a Kingdom of Giants to the Boot of Italy, this book is packed with information about the nooks and crannies of a fantastical Victorian Europe.

But that’s not all, for it also contains the titular adventure—a five-part, city-hopping romp that takes the adventurers from Paris to Vienna, Budapest, and beyond! There’s a continent-spanning conspiracy afoot that threatens to shake the very order of Europe and cast it down in flames: Can the adventurers find out what’s going on and put a stop to it before it’s too late?

This 160-page book contains the following:

  • A gazetteer of Victoriana Europe, detailing the government, society, and key locations of each kingdom and empire, and providing plot hooks aplenty
  • Guidance for creating European characters
  • Notes on the pantheons of Europe, from the Norns to the Slavic Archon Chernobog
  • New spells and equipment, from firearms to the crystal blades of Andorra.
  • New monsters and creatures (from the Ciarpans of Venice to Russian wyverns)
  • Four new sapients to play, from Giants to Harpies
  • A multi-part adventure set across the length and breadth of Europe

$29.99 $17.99

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Other Featured Titles


Featured TitleGAZ13 The Shadow Elves
by TSR/Wizards of the Coast


Dark is the underworld. Darker are the lands of the Shadow Elves.

Far beneath the rugged, broken lands, even deeper than the deepest caverns of the trolls, live these pale-faced warriors. Their law is that of their Immortal Rafiel, and their mystical strength that of their Soul Crystals. Together, they will guide the people of the shadows to the lands under the sun.

Product History

GAZ13 "The Shadow Elves" (1990), by Carl Sargent and Gary Thomas, is the thirteenth book in the "GAZ" series of Gazetteers for the Known World. GAZ1 "The Grand Duchy of Karameikos" (1987) and GAZ3 "The Principalities of Glantri" (1987) are universally recognized as the best books in the GAZ series, but "The Shadow Elves" has gotten the most positive attention of the later books.

$9.95 $4.99

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Featured TitleBethorm: the Plane of Tekumel RPG
by UNIgames

SYSTEM: Tekumel / Pocket Universe

The first tabletop RPG setting ever published* is back—with over 100 illustrations by classic AD&D artist Jeff Dee!

Far in the future, humans and their alien allies conquer and terraform the lush planet Tékumel. A disaster casts Tékumel's star system into a pocket dimension. Cut off from Humanspace, civilizations rise and fall as the descendants revert to savagery, while also mastering the forces of magic which operate in Tékumel's new universe.

Strange alien creatures prowl the wilderness. Mighty heroes do battle in the arenas. Underground chambers hold vast treasures. Opposing temples wrestle for Imperial influence. Pirates and monsters prowl the steaming seas. Automatons guard ancient hoards of technological wonders. Imperial heirs compete for ascension to the Petal Throne. Enemy empires plot the overthrow the empire of Tsolyánu. Hostile nonhuman races seek the destruction of Mankind. The Undying Wizards guard - and manipulate - the timeline. Nexus points open to the Demon Realms. And the Pariah Gods seek the end of existence itself!

Powered by the skill-based Pocket Universe system, Tekumel allows PCs almost any combination of abilities and skills. Join an Imperial legion or hire your sword out to the highest bidder. Become a member of a secret society within your temple, or a sorcerer mastering ancient spells. Be a diplomat engaged in foreign intrigue, a wealthy bravo seeking adventure, a scholar studying secrets of the ancient past...

Tékumel offers a whole world of exotic adventures!

* In Empire of the Petal Throne, 1975. 

$64.95 $19.95

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Featured TitleAkashic Mysteries [Subscription]
by Dreamscarred Press

SYSTEM: Pathfinder

Bind energy to your chakras with the secrets held in Akashic Mysteries!

In Akashic Mysteries, the veilweaving system of magic is introduced. Akashic energy is wielded by new classes like the vizier, daevic, and guru, who form this energy into veils that they bind to different chakras on the body. Inspired by Arabian and Indian myths, the mystical veils woven by these new classes imbue the veilweaver or the equipment they carry.

Each release in the series will contain different parts of the veilweaving system.

By getting this on-going product, you will get each release in the Akashic Mysteries series, up to and including the compiled PDF.


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Also of Note

100 Oddities for a Creepy Old House
by Skirmisher Publishing

100 odditiesWelcome to the first in a new line of game-related products from Skirmisher Publishing LLC and d-Infinity Online—Oddities!

Oddities are the little touches that fill up the corners of lives. In our mundane world, they might be limited to old, chewed pencils, unused key-fobs, or a half-finished decorative spoon collection awaiting the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore.

In the worlds of our imagination, however, they can be so much more!

What oddities might be found in the halls, on the walls, or occupying the shelves of a Creepy Old House? Let’s find out...

Oddities is intended to aid GM creativity, turning possibly bland areas or gaming episodes into something more. 



A World Gone Mad
by GagMen Productions

world gpne madIn the world of Victorious, the Broadmoor Asylum treats and contains the mentally ill and criminally deranged members of the Superhuman race.

Sent in on a secret mission, the players must determine who is more insane: the patients or the doctors!

Patients of the asylum claim the doctors are stealing their powers; meanwhile a series of murders plagues the asylum. The bodies seemingly appear with no clue of where they came from or who was responsible. The asylum itself seems to respond to the madness, with patients and staff witnessing weird visions. Meanwhile, a gifted inmate warns that doomsday approaches.

Who can be believed? Is the danger real, or is it just in the heroes’ minds? Can the newly insane stop those responsible for the madness... or will they simply succumb?



by DramaScape

DramaScape Savage Worlds Adventure Vol 5

The Valkyrie Smuggling Ship was trying to sneak past your view, but your ocular sensors have detected DramaScape’s latest spaceship map! 

valkyrieValkyrie Smuggling Ship includes the upper and lower interior decks of a small, light freighter. The product includes four 360-degree panoramic views of the bridge, living quarters, mess hall, and cargo areas.

Valkyrie includes ship stats for the Valkyrie and its four-person crew, using the Savage Worlds Deluxe, Science Fiction Companion, and Super Powers Companion Rules. The product also includes ship stats for our Vanguard shuttle and the four-person crew of bounty hunters and mercenaries trying to track them down.

This product comprises two full-color, 18 inch by 8 inch floor plans of a Spaceship, with Hex, Square, and No overlay. The PDF includes the VTT (Virtual Table Top Images for online play), and a 360 degree view from the center of the map. It is also available in print on demand poster map format with no grid as two 12 x 18 posters of the upper and lower decks.

The PDF is Free if you purchase the Poster Map version: Just click the "Poster + PDF" option.

$4.99 (Poster + PDF)


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