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Customer Newsletter for 07/24/2014

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Free Product of the Week


The Doom-Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children
by Lamentations of the Flame Princess


Free weekly productA Weird Fantasy dungeon crawl.

"The Doom-Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children" was LotFP's Free RPG Day 2013 release, and is presented here as a Pay What You Want item.

Half of all income from PDF sales here go straight to the graphic designer who did this work. 

Lamentations of the Flame Princess Weird Fantasy Role-Playing is the horrific adventure RPG out of Finland that holds nothing back. It is part of the Old School Renaissance family of games, which makes this adventure broadly compatible with dozens of other old-school games.

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Notes from Scott's Desk


For all correspondence, feel free to contact me, Scott Holden, at scott@onebookshelf.com. 

Chestnuts roasting on open fires, sleigh bells jingling, and stockings hung by the chimney with care...

It may not be Christmas anywhere else, but it sure is Christmas at DriveThru.

Christmas in July, that is!

Only until Monday, July 28, get all of your gaming needs on sale. Thousands of titles from hundreds of publishers, all at 25% off!

xmas trollBetter yet, get your gaming pals some DriveThru gift certificates so they can benefit from the awesome deals, too! Rest assured, you don't want a visit from the DriveThru Troll for being naughty and forgetting your friends.

And don't forget to check out all of our DriveThru sister sites—Cards, Fiction, Comics, and WarGameVault—for more great Christmas savings.

~ SJH (07-24-2014)

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Pick of the Week


Pick of the WeekDragon Age RPG, Set 3
by Green Ronin

SYSTEM: Dragon Age RPG

"This is what you've been waiting for!"

Set 3 completes the core rules of the Dragon Age RPG, providing everything players need to take their characters from level 11 to 20. They will love new specializations like the chevalier, force mage, and shadow, plus new spells, talents, and backgrounds.

Game Masters get a host of fearsome monsters to deploy, including stats for high dragons and the dreaded Archdemon itself. Set 3 also introduces rune magic for weapons and armor, plus narrative rules for mass battles. Of course it wouldn't be Dragon Age without lore, and Set 3 delivers on that score as well, with new info on Orlais, the Tevinter Imperium, and more.

A full-length adventure and handy accessories complete the package, making Set 3 a must for any Dragon Age fan!


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Other Featured Titles


Featured TitleLaying Waste: The Guide to Critical Combat
by Total Party Kill Games

SYSTEM: d20 & Pathfinder

Laying Waste presents a slick system to maximize the enjoyment of critical hits and fumbles in the Pathfinder RPG or any OGL d20 systems.

  • 166 pages 
  • 600 critical hit and fumble effects
  • 100+ feats
  • 16 new martial archetypes
  • optional combat rules

This system replaces the standard critical hit and fumble rules, adding realism and balance to combat, while still being simple and elegant enough to use with ease. Players and NPCs are actually rewarded for *all* of their threat rolls and for their level of skill with weapons!

The emphasis of this product is fun, however, not sheer destruction. It takes a very honed and practiced sword hand to deal the most grievous of blows. And while the possibility exists for horrific maiming and debilitating injuries, clerics and other healers also have ways to treat such wounds.

For Christmas in July, through July 28th, this title has been marked down by 25%! 

$14.99 $11.24

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Featured TitleWay of the Wicked Book Seven: Tales of Talingarde
by Fire Mountain Games

SYSTEM: Pathfinder

New Ways to Be Wicked!

The critically acclaimed, ENnie-nominated "Way of the Wicked" villainous adventure path continues in this seventh supplemental volume. New maps, new handouts, and new adventures allow for more fun being the bad guy than ever before.

Take a turn playing the minions of your wicked villains. Rise as the undead and play the campaign entirely as a coven of vampires. You’ll even discover a mad island-spanning ritual for utterly destroying the noble kingdom of Talingarde once and for all.

There will be no one to stop you this time!

  • “MinionQuest,” a three-part, darkly humorous adventure by Gary McBride
  • Full color illustrations, handouts, and maps by Michael Clarke
  • A gazetteer for the town of Aldencross
  • Options for taking the campaign in exciting new directions
  • More fun with Grumblejack the Ogre
  • And more!

A 100-page, full color PDF including printer friendly version and player handouts.

$24.99 $10.00

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Featured TitleAMP: Year One
by Third Eye Games


The year is 2015, and the world is getting its first taste of AMPs (people with Accelerated Mutant Potential), who are suddenly making their presence known all around the globe. Danger and conspiracy lurk around every corner, whether from government agencies looking for the secret to these new powers or from other super-powered individuals looking to battle in a show of supremacy.

AMP: Year One is an RPG that puts this first year under a microscope, presented as a timeline of events that escalate to a boiling point. Player characters may be AMPs, but dealing with their power isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

Powered by the new DGS-Combo system, every roll of the die is packed with excitement. Players can use the easy-to-learn rules to create their own AMP, picking from over 50 unique powers, or choose one of more than 20 pregenerated AMPs and jump right into the action.

$29.99 $14.99

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Featured TitleThe One Ring - Rivendell
by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

SYSTEM: The One Ring

Rivendell! This setting supplement will take your One Ring adventures West. Cross the Misty Mountains to the Last Homely House, expanding play into eastern Eriador, covering not only Rivendell itself, but Angmar, Fornost, Mount Gram, Tharbad, and everywhere in between.

Rivendell is a 144-page, full color supplement that includes the following:

  • Background for the Last Homely House, the sanctuary of Rivendell itself.
  • NPCs who might be encountered in Imladris, from Elrond to the White Council.
  • New Fellowship undertakings, including rules for composing your own songs.
  • A history of Arnor, Angmar, and the Dúnedain.
  • A guide to Eastern Eriador, including the Barrow-downs, the Trollshaws, and Angmar.
  • New adversaries, including Ettins, Hill-men, and the Troll Queen of Castle Hill.
  • A bestiary of different types of undead creatures, from Bog Soldiers and Barrow-wights to the Lord of the Nazgûl himself, the Witch-king of Angmar.
  • Rules for powerful adversaries, allowing you to customise any monster to provide a challenge for even the most heroic of adventurers.
  • A set of optional rules for the Eye of Mordor, to track how much attention the Enemy reserves for the company.
  • Rules for adding Magical Treasure to your campaign, including dozens of ready-made artifacts—some famous, others less so.
  • Two new playable Heroic Cultures: the Rangers of the North and the High Elves of Rivendell.

The One Ring™ Roleplaying Game is the newest fantasy roleplaying game set in the world of The Hobbit™ and The Lord of the Rings™, allowing you and your friends to set out on your own adventures in Middle-earth. 

$39.99 $22.99

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Also of Note

Wondrous Items 3: Magic Mirrors

Mirror, Mirror, Make My Day!

These 27 new magic mirrors by RPG Superstar Mike Welham expand the range of magic mirrors tremendously, including easily transported hand mirrors and surprising new mirrors for villains' lairs and treasure hoards.

Discover the combat possibilities of the mirror of blades, the relaying mirror, and the infinite mirror! Or let your arcane flag fly with a mirror of ray trapping, the mirror of alternate realities, and a mirror of soul storing!

Each of these mirrors creatures wild and wonderful effects that will shake up combat, empower new tactics, and change any encounter for the better. A little mirror magic can work wonders.

Each Wondrous Items ebook brings you awesome crunch for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game at an affordable price. Take a look in Wondrous Items: Magic Mirrors today!


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FR10 Old Empires (AD&D 2e)

Brush up on the Forgotten Realms!

Prepare, then, to enter the realms of god-kings and pharaohs, of strange magic unknown even to the likes of the Red Wizards of Thay. These are the Old Empires.

This booklet presents the Old Empires for DMs and players alike, including descriptions of all the major cities and towns, maps of the most important ones, and information on the people, places, economics, geography, and cultures.


FR10: "Old Empires" was released in February 1990. It extensively details three of the oldest kingdoms in the Forgotten Realms: Mulhorand, Unther, and Chessenta. Mulhorand is probably the best-remembered because it's an evocative Egyptian-themed kingdom. The other two countries of "Old Empires" are also based on Earth analogues. Unther is Babylon (more or less), while Chessenta is similar with Ancient Greece.


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Dead Names: Lost Races and Forgotten Ruins

Dead Worlds Lie Dreaming

Beneath the dirt of fallen worlds lie the bones of forgotten empires and the relics of peoples now vanished into legend. Countless wonders lie silent, awaiting the hands of starfaring adventurers and the curiosity of fearless investigators. What glorious citadels and eldritch marvels remain undiscovered by humanity in the present age, and what miracles lie in the silent tombs of ancient alien kings?

Dead Names provides a Stars Without Number GM with the tools to build these lost races and their magnificent works. With the resources in this book, GMs can quickly and easily fabricate the strange denizens of a former age and flesh out ruins and fortresses with the details they need to make for exciting play.

  • Tools for creating intriguing and alien denizens of the distant past
  • Unique traits for transhumans, synthetics, extraterrestrials, and metadimensionals
  • A framework for quickly and easily designing ruins and ancient edifices
  • Guidelines for creating new relics and artifacts to beguile and baffle your players
  • 20 new single-use devices and 20 artifacts to stock your ruins

For Christmas in July, through July 28th, this title has been marked down by 25%!

$9.99 $7.49

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