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Customer Newsletter for 11/21/2014

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Free Product of the Week


Free weekly productStrange Creatures of the Ninth World
by Monte Cook Games

SYSTEM: Cypher System

The Strange and The Strange Bestiary introduce scores of creatures compatible with Numenera, many of which look and seem as if they stepped right out of the Ninth World! Using creatures from The Strange in your Numenera campaign is super easy—the rules require almost no conversion work.

Strange Creatures of the Ninth World advises you on the minor differences in creature listings between the two games, along with alternative, Ninth World-specific backgrounds for about 80 creatures from The Strange Bestiary.

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Notes from Scott's Desk


For all correspondence, feel free to contact me, Scott Holden, at scott@onebookshelf.com.

Hello friends!

Short and sweet this week: teachyokidsDon't forget that Teach Your Kids to Game Week ends tomorrow, November 21, so be sure to check in if you have some kids in your life who might like to try a new game or setting. Select titles are 50% off!

Take care and be well as we roll into the holiday season. (Yikes, how did it get to be almost the end of 2014!?)

~ SJH (11-20-2014)

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Pick of the Week


Pick of the WeekThe Strange Bestiary
by Monte Cook Games

SYSTEM: Cypher System

150 new creatures for The Strange  

Featuring more than 150 creatures and characters, The Strange Bestiary is lavishly illustrated and wildly imaginative. Find creatures encountered on Earth along with those native to the recursions of Ardeyn, Ruk, Crow Hollow, Atom Nocturne, and others. Plus scores of creatures that fit any recursion operating under the Laws of Magic or Mad Science, or from worlds seeded by Earthly fictional leakage. Monument spiders, data sentinels, octopus sapiens, extereons, blobs, kaiju, and killer robots are just the beginning for the diverse and incredibly creative settings of The Strange!

Numenera players will find these creatures completely compatible with their campaigns. There are conversion notes and alternate Ninth-World-specific background descriptions for scores of these creatures in our FREE glimmer, Strange Creatures of the Ninth World.


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Other Featured Titles


Featured TitleDragon Magic
by Wizards of the Coast

SYSTEM: d20 / D&D 3.5

Wield the legendary power of dragons.

Throughout history, dragons have displayed many grand and mysterious powers. Now, the secrets of these ancient talents are revealed at last! Learn to harness the magic, the vigor, the grandeur, and the pure destructive might of dragonkind, and achieve a level of power undreamt of... until now.

This D&D supplement presents an unprecedented variety of new options for your character, each one drawing on some element of draconic might. It presents a new standard class, the dragonfire adept, who combines a potent breath weapon with various magical invocations. It reveals many new ways to wield the magic of dragons, including draconic auras, dragonpacts, and draconic racial variants.

For the DM, this book also provides dragon-themed adventure seeds and campaign ideas, magical locations to explore, and new options for making dragons more powerful and exciting.

$29.95 $14.99

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Featured TitleSchoolgirl RPG
by Yaruki Zero Games

SYSTEM: Unique System

In Schoolgirl RPG, you play a random, quirky, and possibly unnatural schoolgirl who must cope with all the bizarre weirdness that comes her way. Based on the rules of Maid: The Role-Playing Game, this mini-RPG will provide plenty of exhausting, random fun.

To play, you need some friends, pencils, paper, six-sided dice, and the willingness to roll dice for just about everything.


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Featured TitleMythic Monsters: Worms
by Legendary Games

SYSTEM: Pathfinder

Wriggling, Writhing, Ravenous!

Mythic Worms brings you a variety of vermicious villains, from tiny terrors like the clinging, blood-sucking leech swarm to the terrifying parasitic rot grub swarm. At the opposite extreme, the titanic giant purple worm embodies brutal strength and primal power, while the neothelid is a lurking alien menace of the deep places beneath the world, its wormy exterior belying an advanced alien intelligence. To this collection of worms CR 3 to 21, we present the terrifying ghoul-spewing conqueror worm, a carrion crawler supreme that devours and regurtigates the dead as its feasting slaves.

The Mythic Monsters series from Legendary Games brings you dynamic and exciting mechanics alongside evocative and cinematic new abilities that really help creatures live up to their flavor text, whether they are creatures of real-world myth and legend or creatures born out of the RPG tradition itself. These creatures can work just as well in a non-mythic campaign as they do in one that incorporates the full mythic rules.

Download this 32-page mythic monster supplement today, and look forward to future releases in the Mythic Monsters line.


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Also of Note

Deep Magic: 13th Age Compatible Edition
by Kobold Press

An Age of Wizardy has arrived!

deep magic 13th ageMagic is everywhere. Whether it’s a hidden power wielded by a secret few or the energy that powers an entire realm, magic is a vital part of any fantasy world. And now its secrets are yours!

Deep Magic: 13th Age Compatible Edition is for 13th Age players who want new options for their characters to bend reality and perform spectacular feats of sword and sorcery.

Designer Ash Law (also the designer of the Midgard Bestiary: 13th Age Compatible Edition) brings an astounding variety of new magic options to the game:

  • 555 wizard spells, from clever tricks to summoning the World Serpent itself
  • 4 new talents that put wizard spells in the grasp of every class—play an arcane ranger, a spirit-calling barbarian, a time-warping commander, or a face-stealing trickster druid
  • 30 new schools of magic including the Cult of Ouroboros, the Red Inquisition, and the Scholars of Dust, with guidelines for creating your own magical tradition
  • 5 magical campaign options: post-apocalyptic vril magic, the mysteries of the ley lines, a class-warfare arcanopunk campaign option, and more!

Dive into Deep Magic today!

$39.99 $14.99


Steampunk Soldiers
by Osprey Publishing

steampunk soldiersBetween 1887 and 1895, British art student Miles Vandercroft travelled around the world, sketching and painting soldiers of the countries through which he passed. In this age of dramatic technological advancement, Vandercroft was fascinated by how the rise of steam technology at the start of the American Civil War had transformed warfare and the role of the fighting man.

This volume collects all of Vandercroft’s surviving paintings, along with his associated commentary on the specific military units he encountered. It is a unique pictorial guide to the last great era of bright and colourful uniforms, as well as an important historical study of the variety of steam-powered weaponry and equipment that abounded in the days before the Great War of the Worlds.

Note: This digital edition includes the PDF and ePub versions of the book.



Ready Made Characters (Geist: the Sin-Eaters)
by Onyx Path Publishing

geist pregensThinking of running a game of Geist: the Sin-Eaters? Players unsure of what to play? Looking for a fast way to dive into a ghost story?

"Ready-Made Characters (Geist: the Sin-Eaters)" includes the Crossroads Drifters krewe—characters designed to for instant use in your Geist: the Sin-Eaters game—who perform for both the living and the dead.

  • 5 pre-generated characters, with both starting and experienced character sheets
  • a brief break-down of each character’s history to help players jump into the group
  • Storyteller advice for the group, as well as links to established SAS adventures such as Through the Ebon Gate



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