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Customer Newsletter for 09/25/2014

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Free Product of the Week


Free weekly productPirate Places
by Tabletop Adventures, LLC

SYSTEM: Any system

Warlock's Journal Contest #12

What is an appropriate place for a pirate? You might think of a tropical island, a hidden cove, or a smoky tavern. The place might be somewhere in the real world, or in a fantasy setting.

The Warlock’s Journal moves through the planes, always seeking new information. This month it was discovered by the minions of Tabletop Adventures, and in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, they decided to add some descriptions of good locations for pirates.

Actually, they held a contest... and until this Friday night, September 26th, you can be one of the judges.

This free product contains 18 creative submissions. Voting is handled through Survey Monkey, and a link to the voting survey is included in the product’s introduction. Voting ends at midnight on Friday, September 26th, 2014.

When the results are tallied, a winner will be declared and this product will be updated to recognize the winner and include the names of the author of each piece.

Pick up a copy of Pirate Places today, for your pirate gaming needs, and express your opinion on the best place for a pirate!

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Notes from Scott's Desk


For all correspondence, feel free to contact me, Scott Holden, at scott@onebookshelf.com.

Hello friends!

We have some big, exciting releases this week for you to pore over, but I must remind you about our Savage September event, which ends after this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for more great deals from Pinnacle Entertainment, just Friday through Monday.

And of course there are still lots of other titles on sale for 15% off through till the end of the month.

Now I want to focus on another pretty cool thing happening this week: Our friends at Privateer Press just released the new Iron Kingdoms RPG Monsternomicon (my Pick of the Week for this week), but in celebration of that release, they're also dropping prices drastically on their other Iron Kingdoms books by 50% or 60%.

Check out the Iron Kingdoms deals here.

The awesome just keeps coming!

~ SJH (09-25-2014)

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Pick of the Week


Pick of the WeekIron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game: Monsternomicon
by Privateer Press

SYSTEM: Iron Kingdoms

Here be monsters: Beware!

In the Iron Kingdoms, peril lurks at every turn, as fearsome and terrifying creatures both great and small look to turn unwary adventurers into their next meal or to enslave them beyond death. From ferocious packs of ravenous burrow-mawgs to deadly ethereal pistol wraiths that haunt the back roads and forgotten cemeteries, the Monsternomicon is filled with creatures both mundane and supernatural to challenge even the most experienced adventuring parties.

This essential full-color guide to the wicked denizens of the Iron Kingdoms gives you everything you need to introduce them into your own adventures.

  • Rich, evocative background information and stats for over 40 monsters
  • New creature templates for customizing monsters to fit specific environments and themes
  • Fully compatible with both the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game and with the upcoming Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game

Discover what lurks in the shadows!

$29.99 $14.99

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Other Featured Titles


Featured TitleSplintered City: Seattle
by Onyx Path Publishing

SYSTEM: Storyteller / Storytelling

Seattle is a fractured city, split between history and modernity.

The Unchained can stumble through rifts in time and space and wind up decades in the past. Why Some failed experiment of the God-Machine? A side effect of human ingenuity? Or are the splinter timelines in the City of Flowers a deliberate design, leading up to something greater still?

Splintered City: Seattle includes more detail on the alternate timelines described in Demon: The Descent, as well as a host of story hooks and characters for use in your chronicles. Also presented are brief suggestions on what Seattle might hold for the other denizens of the World of Darkness.


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Featured TitleThe Dark Spiral
by Monte Cook Games

SYSTEM: Cypher System

Spiral dust is an incredible high. Wonderful. Transcendent. Orgasmic. That’s what users claim, eyes wide to reveal blue fractals instead of irises.

Spiral dust addiction is on the rise. But why? Who is the Dustman, who deals this strange substance from the shadows? And why do heavy spiral dust users tend to disappear without a trace?

The Dark Spiral is a multi-part adventure for The Strange. Player characters are tasked by the Estate, a secretive organization pledged to protect the Earth, to shut down a local dealer of spiral dust. Their mission takes them farther than they expected when the trail leads to alternate, limited worlds called recursions where the rules of reality are different.

Game Masters can intermix secondary Estate missions (in any order) with the main story arc of the adventure to create a mini-campaign. The Dark Spiral introduces players to the wonders of translating between alternate worlds of The Strange and showcases the narrative structure of the game. In addition to introducing new locations not covered in The Strange corebook, The Dark Spiral also offers new creatures, characters, and items to add to any campaign.


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Featured TitleShadowrun: Shadow Spells
by Catalyst Game Labs

SYSTEM: Shadowrun

The Universe of Magic

Magic cannot be contained or easily defined. It can barely be controlled. It is large, omnipresent, and multi-faceted. It contains multitudes.

A few of those multitudes are in this book, such as Pierre Dubois, media personality and Psionist researcher; a band of fortune seekers known as Treasure Hunters, Inc.; strange crystalline entities who may be forming a dangerous alliance; a spell to turn an unfortunate victim’s blood into a sludgy mess; and an adept power that temporarily blanks out memory, making an individual immune to interrogation.

These and more are here—spells, adept powers, rituals, and a host of magical knowledge. It may be a single meter would compared to the nigh-infinite length of the full scroll of magical knowledge, but as any shadowrunner can tell you, in a pinch a meter can make all the difference in the world.

Shadow Spells is for use with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.


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Also of Note

Demon Seed Collection
by Onyx Path Publishing

demon seed collectionCome in from the Cold

Demon Seed Collection presents five cities from across the globe for use in your Demon: The Descent game.

Encounter the tick-tock men of Baltimore, or uncover the secret workings beneath the Bosphorous Bridge in Istanbul. Go Hollywood and find the Machine enmeshed in the politics of mass media. Visit Prague, where redemption may be only a betrayal away.

And avoid or escape Sydney... once a place of freedom for the Unchained, and now their prison.

The Demon Seed Collection:

  • Five cities from around the world, shown from the demonic perspective
  • The secret factions and occult mysteries of the Unchained
  • An adventure for each city, in the style of The God-Machine Chronicle


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HarnWorld Master Module, 3rd Edition
by Columbia Games Inc.

harnworldHârnWorld is a detailed, realistic, flexible, and system-neutral setting for fantasy role-playing games. Since 1983, HârnWorld has been used by thousands of people across the world to run a wide array of medieval fantasy adventures. HârnWorld can accommodate whatever style of campaign you want.

Hârn Overview: This 58-page Hârn article is a general overview of Hârnic cultures, governments, economics, history, and more. It also includes campaign aids for such tasks as generating weather conditions and character backgrounds.

Hârn Regional Map: The map of Hârn provides a vast amount of information with a unique cartographic system developed specifically for fantasy gaming. The area detailed measures 620×930 miles (1000×1500 km). The colors and textures show vegetation and terrain as noted on the map key.

$27.98 $19.98



Shaintar Guidebook: Malakar Dominion
by Evil Beagle Games

All this month, Malakar Dominion is 15% off for Savage September. 

malakarA federation bound in rebellion. A country forged in freedom. A nation seething in intrigue... It would be a utopia, if you didn't have to sleep with a dagger under your pillow.

Welcome to Malakar Dominion, the first of many Guidebooks for the Epic High Fantasy setting that is Shaintar. Written by the remarkable Eddy Webb, with additional material and game design by Shaintar's creator, Sean P. Fannon, the Malakar Dominion guidebook introduces you to a part of the setting that very few have experienced in quite such detail.

"Renaissance-era Venice merchant princes, secret cults, criminal masterminds, and a huge dollop of Assassin's Creed for good measure." —Sean P. Fannon

"Lord of the Rings meets The Sopranos." —Eddy Webb

Even non-Shaintar fans will find some awesome stuff to add to their Savage Worlds campaign here, including some excellent new Edges for rogue and covert characters.

$6.00 $5.10 (until September 30th)

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