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Free Product of the Week


Free weekly productTrail of Cthulhu: Eternal Lies Interactive Campaign Map
by Pelgrane Press


Rickard Gudbrand was so inspired by this image in the Eternal Lies book...

...that he decided to do a similar thing of his own, to be able to give his players during the game.

The result is a beautiful interactive PDF map with layers, which the Keeper can use in whatever order or manner desired. Each layer can be activated individually and then printed (it’s designed as an A3-handout, so some fudging might be required to print to US letter size).

Your PDF reader must support layers for this map to work. Since it contains massive spoilers for the Eternal Lies campaign, Rickard has protected it with a password: the first word on page 376 in the Eternal Lies rulebook.

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Notes from Scott's Desk


For all correspondence, feel free to contact me, Scott Holden, at scott@onebookshelf.com.

Hello friends!

Our intrepid development team informs me that we've just released our search My Library feature for public beta testing. Once you're logged in, if you click on the My Library tab at the top right of the page, you should see the search fields activated there.

We'd love your feedback!! You can send yours to me directly (scott@onebookshelf.com), or to our customer service team, whichever you prefer.

Note, there is one known issue: The search algorithm finds results close to what you type in, so if you search for "solar exalt" it will also return things with "solar exalts" or "solar exalted," etc.  However, when PHP tries to find the specific location in the page where the text occurs, it can only look for the exact text, so you might see a page number listed, but a blank "surrounding text" section for it.

~ SJH (04-24-2014)

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Pick of the Week


Pick of the WeekEclipse Phase: The Devotees
by Posthuman Studios LLC

SYSTEM: Eclipse Phase

The Devotees is a scenario for Eclipse Phase.

The Devotees is a 27-page adventure, with hyperlinks, and presented both via Print-on-Demand and as a layered PDF.

  • Pit your Firewall team against Nine Lives, the most ruthless syndicate of soul thieves in the System.
  • Investigate a horrifying new psychosurgery technique that creates worshipful slaves.
  • New information on the organization and key figures in the Nine Lives crime syndicate.
  • Includes details about Legba, Nine Lives’ asteroid stronghold in the Main Belt.
  • Also includes hooks for future adventures against Nine Lives.


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Other Featured Titles


Featured TitleSacrificial Pool
by DramaScape

SYSTEM: Any system / system-agnostic

Sacrificial Pool (DramaScape Fantasy Volume 36)

This product is a 48 x 30 inch, full color floorplan of a Sacrificial Pool. It comes with the Square, Hex, and No Overlay versions, as well as the Virtual Tabletop Maps.

“Drown them or else the Water God will take us all in the tsunami of his rage!”

Sacrificial Pool is a single map of a temple built into a hill or mountainside overlooking a beach. The edges of the map have a view of the exterior beach and hill/mountain. The center of the map has a view of the interior of the temple, as it is open topped from above.

Sacrificial Pool is intended for use in fantasy or horror games. It could be used in a modern game as an archaeologist find of an ancient structure as well. 


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Featured TitleHouses of Hermes
by Atlas Games

SYSTEM: Ars Magica

Learn the Secrets of the Magi

Houses of Hermes describes the twelve houses that make up the Order of Hermes. It details their origins, their histories, and recent actions, providing important and dynamic information for players and storyguides alike. It adds detail and drama to any Ars Magica saga.

Within Houses of Hermes, you'll find the following and more:

  • A plot for each house, each grand enough to serve as the focus of your troupe's saga.
  • Story ideas for each house, for shorter-term play. These ideas bring the natures and styles of the various houses to life.
  • Sample magi who can serve as the player characters' masters, as non-player characters in your saga, or as models for mid-level magi.
  • New spells and abilities representing the houses' differing specialties, including faerie magic and the special spells of the quaesitoris.
  • An in-depth treatment of apprenticeship.
  • A record of the Order's history, from ancient times to 1220 AD.

Houses of Hermes is one of just a few Ars Magica sourcebooks written by Jonathan Tweet, one of the game's original creators and a key figure in the roleplaying hobby.

Designed for use with both Ars Magica Third Edition and Ars Magica Fourth Edition. 


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Also of Note


Lion of the NorthLion of the North: The Loch Leglean Tribunal

A Sourcebook of Mythic Scotland

Come to a land of hills and shadow, where faeries evil and benign daily touch the lives of the inhabitants. Here, near-immortal magicians change throughout the centuries into hideous monsters, and monoliths tell of ancient battles in tongues spoken only by a few shadowy magi. 

Lion of the North includes everything you need to play individual stories or entire sagas set in the Scotland of Mythic Europe. You'll find extensive historical background on the region, new creatures, rules for new magi, and much more.

Designed for use with Ars Magica Third Edition.


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FaeriesFaeries, Revised Edition

Beware the Gifts of Arcadia! 

There is a world that underlies Mythic Europe. It is a world of perfect beauty, living light, and dark horror. It is the world of the faeries.

Faeries, Revised Edition presents first-person accounts of the part-faerie troubadour Gerin as he pursues the faerie queen who stole his infant sister. It includes reports of faerie encounteres given by wizards and peasants, holy men and diabolists. It details the ways of prudent courtesy on which the lives of visitors depend in the faerie lands of Arcadia, a place where light and dark are directions as well as qualities, and where creativity can transform the very substance of reality.

In addition to this exhaustive source material and its extensive interior art, Faeries, Revised Edition provides details on faerie races and creatures, including a guide to generating and playing faerie characters in Ars Magica.

Designed for use with Ars Magica Third Edition, but also compatible with Ars Magica Fourth Edition.


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nemoren PFNeMoren's Vault (Pathfinder Version)

One of the first adventures ever produced for d20 gaming, now reproduced for Pathfinder!

ENnie Award-winner!

The last of his line, Baron Paytro NeMoren has left his dark secret sealed for decades in the family's underground vault. Now, years after his death, a group of stalwart heroes has gathered according to the baron's final wishes. At last, the seal will be broken and the secrets of the vault revealed.

Can all sins be forgiven?

Find out when you enter NEMOREN'S VAULT, an introductory fantasy roleplaying adventure for the Pathfinder system, designed for four characters of levels 1st–2nd. Included are full-color character and monster counters, along with full-color visual aids and handouts!

$9.00  $5.99

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