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Customer Newsletter for 05/28/2015

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Free Product of the Week


Free weekly productBattleTech: A Time of War Quick-Start
by Catalyst Game Labs

SYSTEM: BattleTech

Once you've got these quick-start rules mastered, go grab the BattleTech RPG: A Time of War and get into the action!


This weekend only, you can get the BattleTech: A Time of War RPG, along with the Time of War Companion, on sale for half price!

Check out the BattleTech: A Time of War [BUNDLE], just $14.95 till Monday, June 1.

And to help your friends join in, let them jump into the BattleTech Roleplaying Game with these free Quick-Start Rules!

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Notes from Scott's Desk


For all correspondence, feel free to contact me, Scott Holden, at scott@onebookshelf.com.

Hello friends!

We're into the last few days of our sci-fi month promotion. In addition to the month-long 15% discount on over 4,000 sci-fi games, plus hundreds of comics and fiction offerings, this weekend we have some outstanding deals on BattleTech RPG titles, ranging from 50% to 66% off.

You won't see these prices again any time soon!

If you're a fan of BattleTech, then you might also want to check out the half-off sales on BattleTech fiction over at DriveThruFiction.

And finally, at DriveThruComics, get 50% off a selection of X-O Manowar titles from Valiant Comics.

Big savings here at the end of May, so be sure to visit this weekend!

Take care!

~ SJH (05-28-2015)

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Pick of the Week


Pick of the WeekShadowrun: Data Trails
by Catalyst Game Labs

SYSTEM: Shadowrun


The last great undiscovered country is vast, wild, and weirder than you can possibly imagine. And it’s nearby, waiting, accessible by the press of a button, or a simple gesture, or even just a thought.

The Matrix holds a whole lot more than selfies and cat videos—it has artificial intelligences, electronic ghosts of people formerly alive (or perhaps still living), and deep wells of pure data that can swallow you whole. Oh, and a copy of every secret ever recorded electronically. The possible rewards of exploration are great, and the dangers are greater.

Data Trails is the Matrix sourcebook for Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, offering more options for decker and technomancer characters, including qualities, programs, gear and more. With detailed examinations of hacker culture, information on diving deep into immersive hosts, and briefings on the strange sites hidden in dark corners of the Matrix, Data Trails is a vital resource for any Shadowrun players involved in the omnipresent flow of information.

Non-Matrix specialists have chances to get in on the adventures as well, with game details explaining how their skills and expertise translate into the wild virtual world.

$49.99 $24.99

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Other Featured Titles


Featured TitleAshen Stars Sci-Fi [BUNDLE]
by Pelgrane Press



They call you lasers. According to official Combine terminology, the members of your hard-bitten starship crew are known as Licensed Autonomous Zone Effectuators. But sometimes you’re called scrubbers, regulators, or shinestars. And to the lawless denizens of the Bleed, whether they be pirates, gangsters or tyrants, you’re known in less flattering terms.

You’re the seasoned freelancers local leaders call when a situation proves too tough, too baffling, or simply too weird to handle on their own. In the abandoned fringe of inhabited planets known as the Bleed, you’re as close to a higher authority as they come.

In this bundle, get three terrific Ashen Stars titles for just $15.

  • The Ashen Stars core book, the full-length, stand-alone GUMSHOE product from RPG legend, game designer Robin D. Laws. 
  • Ashen Stars Music: All We Have Forgotten, music for Ashen Stars by the talent behind the chilling Eternal Lies Suite.
  • Ashen Stars: Terra Nova, an adventure. The great luxury liner Terra Nova is dead, a victim of disaster now drifting in the space between worlds. Her final call echoes across the Bleed. The last of the survivors clutch desperately to life, waiting for rescue. All but one, that is. One of them waits only for a chance to finish the job, uncovering a secret which the Terra Nova has kept hidden for decades. 

Total value: $41.85

Savings of: $26.85 (64% off)

$41.85 $15.00

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Featured TitleThe Plane Below: Secrets of the Elemental Chaos
by Wizards of the Coast

SYSTEM: D&D 4th Edition

Where Chaos Rules, Adventure Follows

A hotbed of adventure awaits in the rolling maelstrom of the Elemental Chaos, a tumultuous plane of primordials, titans, elementals, slaads, and demons.

From the City of Brass to the githzerai monastery of Zerthadlun to the spiraling depths of the Abyss, adventure lurks behind every lava waterfall, across every icy battlefield, and beyond every raging lightning storm

The Dungeons & Dragons supplement explores the Elemental Chaos in detail, featuring key locations throughout the plane. It also presents new monsters, adventure hooks, encounters, hazards, and everything Dungeon Masters need to make the Elemental Chaos a featured setting in their campaign.

$29.95 $14.99

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Featured TitleKeltia Avalon
by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.


Avalon, the isle of wonders, is slipping gradually into the mists, taking away with it forever the magic of the Old Ones. Will the People of the Wind and the old gods intervene, or will they leave their children to the mercy of the wave of invaders sweeping the Isle of the Brave? Is the future High King really their chosen one?

In this supplement for the Keltia Roleplaying Game, you will find

  • the People of the Wind, the Tylwyth Teg, their powers, and their king;
  • the Old Ones;
  • Avalon and Kêr Is, two sacred centres of the Old Religion;
  • new creatures, spells, and treasures;
  • 3 scenarios that can be played as one-shots or included in a campaign; and
  • "The Sacred Sword," the continuation of the Arthurian campaign that began in the Keltia Core Rulebook.

In Keltia, you are one of the heroes of the Dark Ages in the time of Arthur, when Britain was still a land of legends. You might be a clan warrior, a druid, a bard, or a mage. Myrddin the Elder may guide you to search for the forgotten gods, hidden treasures and conspiracies to foil, taking you to the darkest forests, the mists of enchanted isles and haunted cairns. The bards will sing of your feats for centuries to come.

Companions of the Dragon King, children of Ynys Prydein, prepare to become legends!


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Also of Note

Dragon Warriors Players Guide
by Serpent King Games


Are you a roguish knave who has pilfered this book and even now crouches in some dark alleyway, seeking to fence this rare treasure? A wily hunter who braved some monster-haunted underworld and found this book among buried treasure? Or perhaps a devout priest, in which case you are doubtless hastening to consign this book to the flames, for you have peeked within and seen the wealth of lore concerning sorcery and demonology!

The Players Guide to Dragon Warriors contains three new professionsknave, hunter, and priestand much more besides!

  • Organizations and sworn fellowships
  • A miscellany of essays on Living in Legend
  • Secrets of arcane lore
  • New secondary skills, weapons and armours
  • Demons! Horrible demons!
  • Better yet, spells to bind and banish demons!

This book is designed for use with the Dragon Warriors roleplaying game.

$39.95 $20.00


Unchained Monk Archetypes (PFRPG)
by Purple Duck Games

With the advent of the unchained monk, almost all the old monk archetypes for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game became outdated. The changed class features simply make most of them illegal. There are over 30 archetypes that can no longer be used!

This product presents a fix for that problem, adjusting the old monk archetypes to work with the new unchained monk class, made to comply with developments in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Some archetypes have been extensively modified, such as the kata master, wildcat, zen archer, and nimble guardian.

Without further ado, we give you "Unchained Monk Archetypes."



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